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Nice clean place and very friendly staff, can't remember their names but the 2 older ladies are amazing and so helpful.

The Laundry Room is great! I have never been to a place like this before and was blown away by how helpful and kind everyone is! You prepaid on a card and can add money to it. I was unsure how to do it, and the employees walked me through the process and even helped me decide the loads to do. I really enjoyed coming and will definitely come back in the future.

I had worked on call all week long and couldn't bring myself to do the piles and piles of laundry before me. Called the laundry room and associate I spoke to was friendly and helpful. Dropped of my laundry in the morning and it was ready by the afternoon. No need to bring detergent or fabric softener either. Folded and wrinkle free. Will definitely use this service again.

This is the nicest laundromat I've ever seen. There are 60 new-looking machines, you buy a card to operate the washers and dryers, so no handling pockets full of nasty quarters. There are chairs, clean spacious restrooms, wifi, a large assortment of laundry products available for purchase if needed, full-time attendants, and they will do your laundry for you if you have 5-24 hours to spare.

This laundromat was great! Very clean and well organized. When I walked in I didn't even have to ask for help a woman came right to me and offered to help. She even walked me through the whole process of getting a laundry card and using the machines. I don't have kids but I saw that they had a little play center with a TV playing cartoons!! I thought that was nice!!